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Our Story starts from across the pond.  Owners Helen and Tim have lived in the States for quite some time now, but once called a village named Dedham home.  Over the years many things have changed except their craving for authentic fresh fish and chips.  With the opening of Scrumptious Fish & Chips, the Korinth's have set out to introduce the original European fish & chip to the California food scene.

At Scrumptious, we dive into the heart of European culinary tradition while embracing the soul of California food culture.  Think of our fish & chips as a deliciously mindful fusion between European gastronomy and the West Coast’s renowned farm-to-table fare.  Authenticity matters to us.  So does the journey in which your ingredients travel in order to land on your plate!

adjective | scrum•chippy•umptious

definition:  mouth-watering,

delightful & delectable chips


​      Our VALUES


  • Fresh & Local first - whenever possible

  • Serving only environmentally responsible seafood meeting Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch criteria

  • Authentic scratch-made fare honoring old world European traditions

  • Hand-cut chips twice fried to perfection

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