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Serving only environmentally responsible seafood meeting Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch criteria, Scrumptious offers the most delicious local beer battered fish that is only cooked to order for the freshest, most flavorful fish experience.


Move over fries, there is a new chip on the block.  We pride ourselves in the care and attention that we put into each potato which are hand peeled and hand cut, then twice fried to create the classic British chip.  Double frying gives our chips that famous crunchy exterior and fluffy, well-flavored interior we all love and then seasoned to perfection.


Fish & chips are just not complete without some sauce, but not any old sauce.  At Scrumptious all of our batters and sauces are made from scratch (no sauces from a packet or a bottle).  Our fresh squeezed lemon and caper tartar sauce is the perfect partner for our local beer battered fish.  The Brits also love a good curry and our warm tangy curry ketchup make our chips truly scrumchippyumptious.

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